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      scott dixon

      VIR staging area for entry and Pit pass sales – It is the same place that we have been in for the past two years.  All camping and electricity will be sold at that area as well.

      Pit Pass sales – Anyone that pre paid for the pit pass.  Please just provide you name and the number purchased and the person at the gate will have a list to check off.

      Pit pass sales will begin at 4:30 pm and will end at 11:00 pm on Thursday and Friday evening.  You will not be allowed into the facility after they have closed the gate area.  Anyone arriving after 11:00 pm will have to camp at the staging area until the next morning.  Please do not try and make special arrangements VIR is instructed to lock the gate at 11:00 pm

      Pit pass sales will open at 6:30 am on Friday and Sat morning

      General access on Thursday will start at 5:30 pm and not before so please arrive with this intention.  You will NOT be allowed in the area until 5:30 pm.  They have the track rented on Thursday so there will be no early entry other than the setup crew.  They will be allowed access at 4:30 pm and not before.

      Lodging/Garages – I am told they are trying to have the packets ready at our pit pass sales area.  I have attached what was sent to me by VIR

      Check in times are:  Villas 3:00 pm, The Lodge 4:00 pm, Paddock 5:30, Garages 6:30.  For those who wish to check in prior to the gate opening, they will have to drop their trailer in the staging area (field), then they can go to lodging for check in.  Participants will not be allowed to enter after 3:30 to go to lodging so our staff can come up to the staging area.

      Fire lanes it the paddock area must be open at all times.  No tents, bikes, or any other items can be outside of the yellow lines painted the paddock area.

      VIR will be checking for our pit passes if you or a family members does not have one they will charge you a access fee to the property.  Anyone wearing a band will not be charged this fee.  They did not say what the access fee is.

      Leaving the facility – Anyone that has a band may leave the area 24 hrs a day.  You must have your band in order to regain access to the facility or again a fee will be charged

      Registration area Thursday evening – All participants must check in at the registration building.  I plan to have the area open by 7:30 until 10:00.  You will receive your pre entry information and please make sure that you bring your WKA card or you will be required to purchase a WKA temporary license.

      Pit lane – This year we might have a new VIR policy that affects us in pit lane.  According to contract they are saying that during a racing event anyone on hot pit area must have long pants and closed toe shoes.  If you are approached by VIR staff please respect what they are saying if they are enforcing the policy.

      Quiet time begins at 11:00 pm each night.

      We will try and get pre entry information up including kart numbers before the event

      No motors are to be running after 8:00 pm

      No tires or fuel cans should be left in the trash cans at the end of the event.

      Please use the fuel and oil dumping stations on the grounds at VIR.

      We are attempting to use Race monitor during this event.  This will be the first event that WKC has used it so please bear with us.


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      Gene Davis


      We ran Race Monitor at both Grattan and Mid Ohio.  I will be at VIR this weekend just look me up if you have any issues and hopefully I can help.


      Gene Davis

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      Greg Heberle


      Pre-registration is done and we have the following number of pre-race entries:

      Total number of pre-entries for the weekend is 361
      Number of practice pre-entries is 105
      Number of race pre-entries is 256

      Entries by class:

      100cc Controlled Final 1 has 2 entries
      100cc Controlled Final 2 has 3 entries
      100cc Controlled Spec 1 has 5 entries
      100cc Controlled Spec 2 has 1 entries
      100cc Pipe Heavy has 1 entries
      100cc Pipe Medium has 3 entries
      100cc Yamaha Heavy has 4 entries
      100cc Yamaha Medium has 5 entries
      Animal Jr Sprint Heavy has 2 entries
      Animal Jr Sprint Lite has 2 entries
      Animal Limited Modified 385 has 1 entries
      Animal Sprint 335 has 11 entries
      Animal Sprint 360 has 15 entries
      Animal Sprint 385 has 10 entries
      Animal Sprint 410 has 6 entries
      B Stock has 4 entries
      CIK 125 Shifter Final 1 has 3 entries
      CIK 125 Shifter Final 2 has 3 entries
      Clone 360 has 2 entries
      Clone 385 has 3 entries
      Formula 100 Final 1 has 5 entries
      Formula 100 Final 2 has 3 entries
      Formula 125 has 5 entries
      Jr Sprint Heavy has 2 entries
      Jr Sprint Lite has 2 entries
      Open Sprint 1 has 1 entries
      Open Sprint 2 has 1 entries
      Stock Honda 1 has 20 entries
      Stock Honda 2 has 15 entries
      Stock Leopard Sprint Final 1 has 12 entries
      Stock Leopard Sprint Final 2 has 11 entries
      TaG Final 1 has 7 entries
      TaG Final 2 has 6 entries
      TaG Heavy Final 1 has 2 entries
      TaG Heavy Final 2 has 2 entries
      Unlimited Final 1 has 4 entries
      Unlimited Final 2 has 4 entries
      WKA 125 Shifter Final 1 has 2 entries
      WKA 125 Shifter Final 2 has 3 entries
      WKA Sprint Final 1 has 2 entries
      WKA Sprint Final 2 has 2 entries
      WKC Cadet Karts 1 has 1 entries
      WKC Classic Controlled has 1 entries
      WKC Vintage Euro has 4 entries
      WKC Vintage Limited has 1 entries
      Yamaha Sportsman Heavy has 17 entries
      Yamaha Sportsman Lite has 7 entries
      Yamaha Sportsman Medium has 17 entries
      Yamaha Sprint Lite has 1 entries
      Yamaha Spts Sprint Final 1 has 6 entries
      Yamaha Spts Sprint Final 2 has 4 entries

      See you guys this week.

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      scott dixon

      Here are the Kart Numbers we have assigned…pls PM me if you think there is an issue…also, pls make note of your transponder number…if it isn’t right, you’ll need to have our registration folks correct it (at the track).


      (Corrections have been made for Stock Honda 2 and Unlimited 2, and 100cc Pipe Med and Hvy)

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      Folks—PLEASE note the possible requirement for LONG pants on hot pit lane!!!

      Bring a pair just in case!!!

      Clark Sr.

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      scott dixon
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