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      Barry Schonberger

      2013 TOP KART Speedy (32mm) Go Kart 4 events in 2013 and 2014 kart was not campaigned in 2015-2016.Stored in climate controlled area.  Extended front porch available $100) Spare key, Tillet T11 ML seat, Clear film on impact areas, Blue Streeter stand, Mychron 4 with Ebox, Aluminum shifter radiator, (2) 50mm Top Kart BLU, Top Kart Verde, 50mm Freeline Blue, 50mm Freeline short hubs, Freeline 50mm Long hubs, 50mm matching rain hubs, wheels with Bridgestone rains. Parilla Leopard MY09 125cc TAG engine, 5 hours on 2J’s Engineering build), EC Bert HL 334AB carb,1 1 tooth driver, 78 tooth sprocket, Odenthal slider engine mount with 5 and 10 degree plates. Price $3800.00

      General Spares: 38 Sprockets 67-93 teeth with storage rack. (Some new) $150.00
      Coleman Remote starter with spare solenoid $125.00,  ECBert HL 334AB carb $150.00,(2) Leopard MY09 stators $200.00, Radiator aluminum $75.00</p>
      09 Engine Spares Package: Misc. carb kits and parts,Misc. Gaskets,Reeds & screws,(2) pints Burris Hi Rev Castor oil,Starter and parts starter,New Coil & rubber mount,(2) ground straps,(7) new plugs,(6) used plugs,New clutch,10 and 11 drivers,10 driver with drum,(6) Drive keys,(6) Drum washers,Drum Bearing,Drum locking nut,(2) driver to drum bolt sets,Air box and rain cover,Misc. air box tubes,(2) fuel filters,1.2 lbs radiator cap,Fuse,(2) Muffler,(6) Muffler springs,Water pump,Water pump pulley,(6) water pump belts,(6) 50mm axle collars,Assorted exhaust spring,Throttle cable cover,Assorted flex,(3) Flex springs. Price: $450.00
      Top Kart Spares Package: (2) overflow tanks,(3) new brake pad sets,(4) tie rods,(4) spindle safety clips,(2) Steering shafts,(6) spindle king pin bolts,50mm axle bearing. Package: $250.00
      (812) 457-2809</p>

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