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      robert janes

      </iframe>” />I am the second owner of this CRG BAD BOY SNIOR ROTAX TAG kart .I purchased this kart from TNR in California in July 2010, TNR explained to me the karts original owner was a wealthy gentleman whom he and his companions came in and purchased a handful of these karts and got together and rode them roughly 6 or so times on weekends with together . They were stored and maintained there and he lost interest his and  went on to other things so he put his on consignment with them they gave me the history and I bought it . I had a photocopy of the receipt when I purchased it from TNR where he bought it and it was close to $10,000 with his equipment,gear etc and taxes . I purchased the kart for $5200.00 and  had  a mychron 4 installed on the kart which I cant remember what I paid for the mychron and shipping from California but It was close to $6000.00. I was actually able to ride the kart only 1 time , yes 1 time I made it around the track a handful of times and could barely get out of it. I thought this sport might be something I could get into but I am 49yrs old with chronic back problems and movement issues and didnt realize that it beats on you harder than it looks. Also the overhead of costs of all extra equipment  I would need to have on hand ,transportation , spare parts etc  I was in over my head and physically just couldnt do it.Although it was great great fun the time i did get to ride it and it ran like a raped ape , I overlooked all that was entailed by excitement  . So from July 2010 the Kart has been sitting since 2010 covered in my garage.  The Kart is in overall great condition with a some tire scuffs on the stickers a few minor on the bodypanels , and basic wear on the tires thats it. This is a great way to get started ‘ CHEAP ‘ and keep alot of money in your pocket especially if you are moving up in a class . I will let it go for $3100.00 and thats a steal for someone !!!!! I would rather see someone having fun with it than just sitting around and i’d rather have my garage space back if possible . I will try to get some photos up as soon as I can , If you want to inquire about it please feel free to call me or email me only  ( 815 ) 995-1584 ask for Al aft 3pm cntrl time I do not text .I am very meticulous with my toys and feel its in great shape already but scuffs and nicks are nothing serious they just irritate me when I look at them, I am contemplating replacing the CRG OEM sticker kit ,new tires ,brake pads , complete body kit and having the motor completely refreshed even though it doesnt need it but guaranteed it will be as good as NEW I get anal like that when I get focused on something and want it perfect for sale or not, but if I do the price will adjust accordingly because I will have them split it to the crank with all new everything . Again the kart is in great condition as is so if you want save yourself some money and go racing now or wait about 3 weeks and it will be new with O hrs on it , the kart speaks for itself now anyway without touching it .The OEM body kit is $300.00 , OEM CRG sticker kit $300.00 and a complete rebuild to the crank is $1400.00 CRT or Acceleration will be doing the motor. I am honest person I will have the receipts in hand if the work is completed and the kart speaks for itself  now ,you will be very happy either way you want to go why spend more money if you dont need to but if so it will still be a great deal with all the new stuff. I am in the Chicago area if you would like to see it give me a call and we’ll set up a time. I took some pics on friday at the shop but the photos didnt turn out well with the camera I had but I will have photos ASAP when I am back at the shop and I will post them  , so again if you want to save some money let me know ASAP because by MAR 7  I will have ordered everything and the motor will be off and in process. Thanks Al   PS ; in all honesty I  wish I could be out there with you guys chasing everyone down that was some serious heart pounding fun !!! for photos paste this ; http://s271.photobucket.com/user/ajanes400/slideshow/

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      Curt Sloyer

      Do you still have the Kart for sale? I have tried to call a couple of times. You talk about doing some work to it (ie: brakes, motor, decals) have you?


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