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      Mark Julian

      I changed from a 2010 Briel to a 2012.  I took what parts I could use, but I have a ton of left over bodywork and whatnot, and I need to get this all out of my garage pronto.  I’m going to do my best to price this stuff reasonably, but if I’m way off on something and everyone agrees, then I’ll adjust.  I am no expert.   All prices are before shipping- buyer obviously pays shipping.  I always throw in delivery tracking for everyone’s piece of mind.  I am in Miami, and if you are local and can pick it up so I don’t need to box this stuff up you might just win a special place in my heart.  Everything is used but very much functional.  Here’s what I have:

      All bodywork for 2010:  2 Sidepods, front, and the cover thing that goes over the steering column.  $150.  PICTURES:

      Front Bumper


      Steering Cover



      Freeline Seat- I have NO idea how to determine what size it is- I took pictures with a tape measure to try to show you the size- if there’s a better way tell me!  All I know is, I am 5’10” and 165lbs and this seat is a good 1.5-2 inches too tight on me.  Its in GREAT shape, nearly new- it came with the 2012 kart I bought last year and I took it off and never used it, so it likely has very little use.  $45



      seat 2

      seat 3





      Birel 2013 Retro-Style Steering Wheel- came with my new (barely used) kart and I chose to keep using my old mychron wheel instead, so up for grabs is this super nice Birel Wheel.  It appears that new they pull $170 or so.  I’ll part with this beauty for $100, because less than that and I’ll just keep it as a sweet spare, it doesn’t take up much room, unlike all the other stuff listed above.

      Steering Wheel

      Steering wheel 2

      Steering Wheel 3


      Contact me via PM.

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      Paul Hir

      Pm sent

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      Mark Julian

      Fuel tank sold and shipped.

      Metal tray is likely sold, but still awaiting payment.

      All other items remain available!


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      Mark Julian

      Metal tray is sold and shipped.  I got a number of inquiries for other items still for sale over the weekend, and I am just responding today, sorry for the delay.

      I also realized that somehow the steering wheel portion of the original post was cut off, so I added it back- its a sweet and minty-fresh Birel Steering wheel which I believe is the 2013 retro-style one.  It came with my new kart, but I am used to my micron wheel and didn’t want to keep it.  Its priced for being nearly new- you won’t be disappointed.

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      Mark Julian

      Rear bumper is sold and shipped.  Original post updated to remove all sold items.  So far so good!  Please let me know if you’d like any of the remaining parts, they are going fast (which is great for my garage space!).

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      Mark Julian

      Sidepods, Steering Column Cover, nose piece, and steering wheel still available.

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      Mark Julian


      Still available.

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      Dustin Flores

      Pm sent on steering wheel.

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