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      $3000 CAD

      2008 Italkart Rapido Chassis
      IAME Leopard 125cc Motor
      %2 Leak Down on motor currently in the kart (very healthy)
      Italkart upgraded aluminum radiator with thermostat for use in colder weather.
      Last used in August at SIMA raceway in Washington with no issues.
      Brand new black UNICO bodywork and new ITALKART sticker kit
      Brakes bled before last race and alignment was done.

      Kart used for only two seasons was stored since 2010 until I bought it last fall. I have had it out a handful of times.

      Comes with tons of spare parts, spare bodywork, engine parts, many carb parts, chassis parts (spindles, hubs, brakes etc.). I took a few photos of the parts, basically every tupperware bin you see there has something in it.

      A short list of the main stuff;
      Rolling kart stand
      2 fuel cans
      ALFANO Pro computer (for timing/engine temps/RPM etc.)
      Mobile air tank
      Approx 30 rear sprockets of various tooth counts (brand new front sprocket been at the track twice with it)
      Spare chains, and a brand new IM chain breaker tool (just spent $60 on this!)
      Spare steering spindles, steering rack, hubs etc.
      spare brake pads

      Wheels and Tires that come with the machine, take a look at the photos;
      -2 full sets of DWT magnesium wheels, one wrapped in one race old MG Yellows and the other set wrapped in one practice session old Bridgestone YKC.
      -Wheel Bags
      -Over 15 spare practice tires
      -NEW set of Bridgestone rain tires (on alum wheels)
      -Lightly used set of Bridgestone rain tires (on alum wheels)
      -Brand new bead breaker tool

      I am missing a bunch of misc. stuff, there is a bunch of various random spares like exhaust spacers, springs, throttle cables etc. and special tools to work on the motor, change sprockets etc.


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      Open to offers.

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      Sean Ranchbari

      nice kart!

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      Dan Dragoi

      Aaron, still learning karts.  is this a shifter kart?


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