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      Nick George

      Im looking at purchasing a 2008 CRG road Rebel.. assuming its not worn out, is this a good chassis to start with? what are the potential weaknesses with this chassis over the current model?  any parts need to be upgraded to be competitive?

      I noticed the front brakes look like they are a single layer rotor, as opposed to a two layer with the airgap in the middle..  do these need to be upgraded?

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      jim lewis

      08 RR was a great kart in 2008, probably the best they ever made. The kart was so good in fact many of us CRG guys would love to see them make another run at the 08 design. Not sure a 6 year old kart has much life left in though. If by chance it is in good condition the Ven 04  brakes work fine.



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      Jeff Karau

      I bought a 2008 CRG RR at the end of last year.  Most of the kart was in good shape, bottom of frame had some off track scratching and the floor pan was pretty beat up, but the kart was in pretty good shape.  Ask about last time motor (if not roller) was rebuilt and when the last time brakes were done and look at the rotors/pads to see if that looks to be about the same amount of time.  Those gave me a good idea that the guy had done his maintenance on the kart, rotors looked good and he said he replaced it when the motor was done, 6 hours ago (according to MyChron) so the whole story fit with the condition of the kart.

      Not sure about life being left in it, if it’s straight and not beat on, I’d expect to get some years of service out of it.  I don’t expect to run at the front of the pack in S1 but I have seen guys in older karts than that best the newer CRG chassis.  So I’d say it’s a great place to start in learning to drive a shifter.

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