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      Chassis completely reinforced (fatty style). Completely restored and improved to the last fastener. Powder coated chassis with new body work and graphics kit. CR 125 moto completely rebuilt by mfg himself. $1500 worth of brand new OEM HONDA parts. Pump around fuel delivery system. Ok enough is enough if you know me then you know this kart is basically beyond perfect. This kart would be ideal for the shifter enthusiast club “heavy” class racer or just the guy that wants to do 1000’s of practice laps without any hiccups throughout the day. Comes with 3 sets of MG Yellow spares and enough other spares to keep you racing even after a major shunt.


      $2500 FIRM Don’t even bother contacting me with a any offers less.


      Thank You



      Mike G.


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      Mike! So happy you’re back in here. We missed you

      Say something funny! Lol

      Where about do you live? I could use another shifter kart

      Are you close to Santa Clarita/ Magic Mountain? If So, I live in Bakersfield. Could you please send me some pics? and is this moto package legal and ready to go?


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      bad ass kart


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      Thank you, Mr Goebel, Your pipe is sooo cleannnn!!!!!!!!!!

      How did you get it soooo cleannnn? Could this be Lime Avay? Lol.

      You should really upload a video here on the general carting disc.

      It’s been really boring lately, not to mention, we do have a lot of newbies that what some of your tips. ( Lime Away tips )

      Thanks, mike. Have a nice day.

      You should really come visit us in 3 weeks for our last race, or our yearend shootout, in Bakersfield. Ca.  http://www.bakersfieldkartraceway.com

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