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      Michael LaGrone

      NCK will be hosting a BBQ Saturday night April 4th at Willowsprings Raceway. We will be presenting the awards from our sponsors at the BBQ. for the races on Saturday.

      1) Cambrian Go Karts $100 per event this is the NCK “wild Card

      2) Fastech Racing winners of 6 largest classes (min 3 karts per class) $20 Total $120

      4) Acceleration Karting Furthest Traveled $25
      5) Acceleration Karting Good Sportsman $25
      6) Acceleration Karting  Hard Luck $25
      7) Cameron Karting  Winner of Stock moto class 019. Super stock moto $75
      8) Hagar Manufacturing Winner of wc super Stock moto class 020. $75
      9) Shark Shifter winner of the 004. UNLIMITED / FKE III 400-475 LBS $50
      10) Swedetech Racing Engines is donating a free (labor only) engine rebuild to the 80cc Honda shifter class and the 125 cc Honda shifter class to be drawn via raffle at the Western States road race classic (sonoma) at our end of year race at sears point…. you must attend ALL of our 2015 points series races to qualify.
      11) Maxxis tires a free set of tires to anyone who wins the class running a set of maxxis tires (min three karts per class) Please tell the person at tech before the race if you are running these tires, or see me…. LaGrone #16
      12) Hoosier tires/M&M racing is offering a free set to the winner of the class 019. super stock moto or the class 007. super Kart running Hossier tires see Mark Morrison for details. Please tell the person at tech before the race if you are running these tires, or see me…. LaGrone #16
      13) Jerry Imboden of http://www.kartart.com will be attending our event taking professional photographs of our races. Please support him as he travels a LONG way to support us.
      Please support our sponsors as our sponsors support us.
      NCK 2015 points series race 2 & 3 only 26 days away.
      Stay tuned for more details on this get signed up here
      follow us on twitter @NCKRoadracing


      Mike LaGrone


      Vice President

      Stock moto #16

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      Larry Dobbs

      Starting to look like it is going to be a race!  We have a dozen superkarts coming and we always have a couple dozen 125’s to go with more than a dozen TaGs, 80’s and clutch karts.  Lots of sponsor’s awards and even a BBQ Saturday night!  Can’t wait to bench race and check out the corvettes too!

      Don’t forget to tell your sprint kart friends that we have offered sprint kart sized entry fees to first time racers!

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      Michael LaGrone

      NCK is proud to announce that Streeter Super Stands has joined out list of sponsors for our 2015 points series.


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      Larry Dobbs

      2 weeks until we race!  Getting excited!!

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      Larry Dobbs

      4 days until the race.  Get registered now!  Over 70 entries promises to be a great race.  Schedule will be tight so be prepared and on the grid for your group.  Electric karts are bad to the bone – check them out!

      If you have questions get them answered now because things will be hectic on race day.  Remember, preparation is 95% of racing!

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      Larry Dobbs

      Register by tomorrow night on DLB because we do not have registration at the track.   http://www.dlbracing.com/

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      Larry Dobbs

      What a track!  Flat out thru turn 9 in a 250 takes nerve!  It took me all weekend to finally do it.  1:26 was the fast lap by Anthony Williams with Dave Fultz in 2nd.  Big Thank You to Anthony for my motor work!  Roadracers are the nicest people. Competitors helping each other.  Jan’s Kitchen (Dean Darwin’s wife) was open to the boys and she was so happy to have us.  Dean and Dean and Mark and Mark had mechanical failures. Jim and Dan’s new kart is gorgeous as we have all come to expect from Ian Harrison’s Viper Racing.  Thanks to Richard the electric kart dude for dinner Saturday night as the BBQ for the whole club was delicious and appreciated.

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