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    Carlos Capitillo

    Hello everyone I got a question about kid kart class, my son is 6 years old and we live in Georgia what would be the closes competitive league to bring my son for the upcoming season, looks like everywhere at look is a lot a races start at 7 years old  like micro max but I really want for him to stay on kid kart for one more year.


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    Mark Parker

    Kershaw sc has a race 12/6with a practice day 12/5

    daytona kart week has a wka race 12-27/12-29 I think that should have a big KK field

    Have you been racing at amp or ?

    pm sent

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      Carlos Capitillo

      Thanks so much guys, we race in a monthly series at AMP but is a short portion of the track, but we love it, that’s our home track, we have in avg of 4 kids per race but I think now is time to try a new tracks, I will definitely get in touch with you guys and look forward to see you in Daytona.


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    Jim Maier

    `I am not sure what you have in GA.  But just north of you at GoPro or at Kershaw you have a bunch of competitive Kid Karters. The turnout at Daytona should be good too as was mentioned.  I know of about 12 of us that will be there.  There will likely be a bunch of new faces too.  Hopefully we’ll have a field of 20.

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    Connor Tebbe

    GSKA just announced their 2015 schedule:

    I know of at least 4 kid karts that will be competing in 2015.


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