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      mark crook

      Hi All,


      New chassis arrived this week, in the process of bolting all the new parts on……and some old.

      I went from having a 2004 version of the UK F1 karts chassis to the 2012 version and have obviously come across some parts which do not directly swap over.

      1. Front Bumper

      Would it be ok to cut the two long arms shorter and weld or would it be advisable to source a new bumper?

      2. Seat Fitment

      Finding it difficult to find a flat surface to mount the brackets to.  Also, Is it necessary to use the Tillet ally plates? or can I get away with just bolting through the seat?

      3. Radiator Positioning

      I have two positions in mind, I would like to get the rad mounted upright to the left of the seat in its original location (on the old kart) however it would mean welding mounting plates to the frame. Alternatively I can get it to fit in between the rear spoiler uprights behind the seat but i’m worried about restricting air flow.

      Its a small rad for a CR250 I know but on short circuit it keeps the water temp between 50-55C nicely.

      The final option would be to buy side pods and mount the rad on its side. Side pods not being necessary on short circuit.


      Thanks in advance for any replies. This is my first time building a new chassis up so any pointers would be very much appreciated. Hoping to get out for first practice Feb 15th all being well.


      Mark C


      "When In Doubt, Flat Out" - Colin McRae

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      mark crook

      Not sure why the photos are not coming up, I have added the links to the URL on the photos so if you have the time please look.


      ………..and before anyone says it, yes my garage is a complete mess at the moment. My entire vans contents have been emptied all over the floor :)

      "When In Doubt, Flat Out" - Colin McRae

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