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      Matt Kalevich

      Hey everyone! Hope everyone is all good!

      I use a cheap craftsman 12v cig lighter plug air compressor for the track for tire adjustments. Compressor went on me and would like to stay away from Craftsman. Any suggestions? I do not need anything crazy, just something reliable and simple. My OTK mxc wheels have very little space to fit a large valve adapter on it, so the Kobalt I just purchased was returned. The Craftsman had a screw on adapter. Iver googled and looked, just need some opinions.

      Thanks everyone!


      Kart-less for now....

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      John Matthews

      Portable air tank, much easier than a compressor for topping off tires.

      Then get a small 110v compressor that you can hook up at the hot dog stand to fill it on the odd chance that you use all the air from your tank.

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      Daniel White

      I used a portable air tank (Craftsman) for 3-4 years before it broke. Now I use a bicycle pump. Works great.

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      Eric Gunderson

      My recommendation would be to either go with a portable air tank (someone will have a compressor for you to fill it up again if you need to), or to go with a good brand. For air tools I would suggest Northern Tool. They are a bit pricier than their competitors, but the product will last a long long time.

      Contact: 858.335.7545

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