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      Geoffrey Howard

      06 Birel M32 chassis/40mm axel/ Large ribtect seat Complete plus the following

      Freeline alum rims 2-5″x 210, 2-5″ x 130

      Freeline Mag rims 3-5″ x 210

      2-17mm wild kat Front hub

      2- 17mm front hub MFR Unknown

      1-40mmRear hub MFR Unknown

      2-40mm Freeline Med Hub

      2-40mm Freeline long hub

      1-40mm long Hub MFR unknown

      1-Freeline 40mm x 2.45 x 1040 F axel

      1- Freeline 40mm x 3 x 1040 M axel

      1- 40mm x 1040 axel MFR Unknown

      1-Set 40mm Axel stiffeners

      1-Set Bridgestone YJP Rains–60/110-5 and 45/100-5

      1-40mm Break rotor and Hub

      2-40mm Freeline Sprocket hubs

      2-40mm freeline Break rotor Hubs

      1 Set Ikponline Break Pads NIB

      6-Break pad shims thick

      1- AMC 10mm Break Bleeder NIB

      1- KG Break rotor Air scoop

      1-Freeline steering wheel

      1-Freeline Front Chassis stiffener bar

      1- Freeline Gas Tank

      3-Freeline Gas catch bottles

      1-Freeline Break Assembly Complete

      Freeline Unpadded large seat

      freeline Padded large seat

      Bucket of MISC parts and screws

      Extra Seat struts

      Woltjer Leopard Motor I think this is the serial # t 2623 p 2534–Bore 54.25

      Odenthal Motor Mount with extra chassis clamps

      Odenthal Pipe Mount

      Prospeed Pipe Mount

      Drive Gears–2/10T NIB, 2/11T NIB, 2/10T, 1/12T, 1/16T

      3–NGK BR9ES, 3–NGK BR10ES

      complete motor with the following extra parts

      1-Clutch Drum–NIB

      1-Clutch Drum Assem for Belt drive


      1 Starter rebuild kit

      Clutch tools

      Flex Tube

      Extra Radiator Hose NIB

      Sprockets and Parts–



      1-RK ORING CHAIN NIB 219-112L

      2-219 Chain breakers

      1-219 O-ring Chain Breaker

      Pfeifer Belt drive driven Sprockets 1@77,79,81

      Pfeifer Drive Sprockets 1@14,16,18

      1-Gates GT-2 840-8mgt Belt

      1-Streeter Kart stand

      Pics at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128093020@N07/

      I was looking to get $3000.00 for all of it. I live near Buffalo and Frequently travel to Detroit so I might be able to deliver it.Otherwise the shipping is on you. Please email me at Justinsfather2@gmail.com with any questions.

      thanks for looking Geoff


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