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      JT TT

      I’m 6’2″ 180lbs running a 2005 CRG RR rotax.  My home track is relatively low grip.  Currently I’ve got a tillet M-L seat, pills set at 2/2.  1 set of seat struts and S25 axle.  No bars front or rear.   Also running YKC tires at the moment.

      I understand due to the low grip nature of my track I need to run the kart stiffer, but I’ve also been told due to my height to run softer due to my height’s leverage on the kart.

      Any ideas for a baseline?  Stiffer axle?  Bars?  Width recommendation front/ rear?

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      TJ Koyen

      I don’t know what the baseline is for CRG but I’d start there; neutral caster/camber, 55″ rear width, medium axle etc. and go from there.

      If the track is green and slick, that setup might work well for you. Your height might be an advantage to get the kart to tip and flex on low-grip track. But once the grip comes up, you’ll be looking at taking geometry out of the front end and trying to get rid of some of the mechanical jacking your height will be generating.

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      Seat position is key, and at 6’2″ you may find it difficult to get the proper seat positioning. Do you have an extended front porch on the kart?

      Generally, I’d would think that with proper seat position an S25 axle on a low grip track with medium tires (YKC or mogos) would not be stiff enough.

      What size front spindles are on the ’05 RR, 17mm? (For reference the newer models are 25mm)

      Fundamentally, Due to the ‘low grip nature of the track’ you run the kart chassis looser (i.e. a 30mm chassis is better in low grip, 32mm chassis is better in high grip), but due to your height/weight you would run the chassis stiffer (high CoG puts more load through the chassis).

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      JT TT

      The seat was installed as per the CRG instructions.  I haven’t yet put the kart on my scales, enough stuff has broken or kept me otherwise occupied.

      The front spindles are 17mm, and I’m using 95mm front hubs at the moment to get the front into the 46.5″ range, as a very experienced and fast karter suggested.

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