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Andy Seesemann


Everyone is on a budget.  Some just have more zeroes.

YLC tires are .3-.5 faster depending on the track.  As you know, F100 focusses on the budget minded racer, or the newbie.  If you are a newbie who is 1.5 sec off the pace, running the YKC is a cheaper way to get seat time while trying to become more competitive.  Many use that tire until they feel they are at a competitive level which warrants purchasing the faster tire.

YKC tires have not been manufactured in almost 4 years, but there are still cases of them in the Bridgestone warehouse in SoCal.  We (dealers) have access to them are are able to sell them at $150/set instead of the $200+/set for the YLC.

For some, the cost savings is worth running the slower tire.  For others, its not worth it.

Pick the side of the fence you want to be on and go have fun!



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