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Justin Martin

Forgot to add…

If you ARE interested, please comment and include;

-At what price would YOU consider fair, and/or keep you interested in a product of this sort. (This will help me get a feel for whether or not it will be worth it on my part in both purchasing components, and the labor of assembling it.)

-Would you prefer a Plug-N-Go system, which would include everything except your GoPro camera? Or, would you prefer select-able packages, such as a Keychain-size camera package, a Small (non-recordable) camera package, a ready to go GoPro package?

-What size screen would you most LIKELY be interested in? 9″, 10″, or 20″? This is important as there are certain features that need to be met in order for it to work. One of which is a 12v capable Monitor.

Other feature options could be a recordable mini-DVR (which would record the TRANSMITTED VIDEO, which is approximately 480p), as well as an AV Amplifier option. The AV option could realistically come with no monitor at all, and it would allow you 4 AV outputs that you could connect to any monitor. It would be your responsibility to find a power system for that monitor, etc, however it would allow you to stream live video to a motor-home, and watch from inside on your own screen (that has AV inputs)