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George Vorrilas

We have done a number of WF engine packages on about every brand of sprint chassis out there. While some are easier than others, we have not found one that couldn’t be done. We have started manufacturing our own top engine plate that solves the side to side clearance issues. A word of caution regarding mounts… Some have only two slots holding the top plate to the bottom plate, while others have 3.. We have found that the mounts with only two slots seem to rack and cause chain mis-alignment. So if building one, be sure that you get the correct mount. As always, feel free to reach out too us and we will do our best to assist. In short, the WF and 206 motors are a great bang for the buck. They are dependable, require minimal maintenance, and low cost to operate and some of the most competitive racing we have seen.

George V.


Northeast Briggs Motorsports Dealer/Service Center