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Tim Doll

Fans of a particular driver tend to have short memories when it comes to his flaws.

Senna fans say he was better than Schumacher because MS drove another driver off the road when the championship was at stake – conveniently forgetting when Senna did exactly that to Prost.

Alonso fans say he’s better than Vettel because Vettel has a hard time playing nice with a similarly competitive teammate – conveniently forgetting what went on between Alonso and Hamilton when they were teammates at McLaren.  Alonso fans also seem to forget that Alonso was involved in, not one, but two major cheating scandals where he did his best Sgt. Shultz imitation claiming “I know nothing, nothing!” and the FIA let him off.

I was not surprised to hear some booing of Vettel during the Monza podium celebration – after all it is the home of Ferrari.  What did surprise me was the level of booing that Vettel got during the Canadian GP podium ceremony – it’s not like the Canadians had a home team or driver to root for or that Vettel had done anything particularly wrong while dominating that race.  I considered that to be particularly boorish behavior – I used to think Canadians were better than that.