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Justin Martin

How can ANYONE applaud Alonso yet hold that incident against Vettel?

Vettel disobeyed team orders in order to win.. Yes, it was bad. However, it is no worse than what Alonso does almost every race!

Look at the Italian GP! Alonso damn near ran TEAM-MATE MASSA of the track on purpose in the start… We all know this happens WAY to often, and Massa constantly gets sh!t on. Meanwhile Ferrari has just as little backbone as Redbull when it comes to punishing their “shining star”

Back to Vettel. If I recall correctly, he started in BMW-Sauber in 2006 as a back up driver. His first Debut in F1 he ended practice 2 with the fastest time over all…

Not to mention there is ALWAYS the argument of Adrian Newey… However Vettel clearly did well enough in the Toro Rosso, and BMW Sauber car to EARN his position at red bull….

Now lets turn the table, What if Alonso wasnt with ferrari, instead say Caterham… Would results be the same? I doubt it…

I am simply stating that the argument goes both ways, and I rarely see a sensible argument against Vettel. Alonso pulls the same Jacked-up maneuvers in races and/or qualifying, however he ALSO has a pompous @$$ attitude to go along with it.