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Paul Kish

TJ wrote:

“If we’re going to discuss about driving dynamics, we’d have to start a different topic because there’s a lot more that goes into it other than what line you’re taking. In sprint karting we have to worry about how much we are loading the outside rear and keeping the inside rear unloaded, working with steering inputs as well as throttle and brake modulation.”

Let’s do it. … :)  I don’t mind hijacking my own thread.

I’ll go first and relate it to what I posted on your driving.  Let’s see if were maybe on the same page.  Naturally I’m going to bring some of my way of seeing things in too.  But if we both learn to see the same thing but now from two different directions, it can’t be all bad can it?

Let’s get back to your turn in which gained you so much ground on your competitors.  And to put us closer to being on the same page and to help show I maybe do understand a little about unloading the inside rear; lets also bring in what you explained about the need to control the unloaded inside rear.

Notice out of courtesy I wrote unloaded inside rear instead of writing unloading of the inside rear.  Same church, just different pew. … :)

To bring our thoughts together I have to present something else and hope you agree with it.  Turn in and how you actually perform your turn in, is the number one thing which will determine your exit line.

I’ll expand on that a little and try to make it more straight forward.  The sharper your turn in, the sooner or lower in the corner you will locate your exit.  The more you round out the actual initial effort of turn in, the later or farther out on the track you will exit.

:) Again out of courtesy I used the word round in place of arc.  Actually though ‘arc’ would not really be the appropriate word to use in this case.  Because your exit is going to need to be as straight as you can go, as soon as practical.

If your with me so far, lets now consider and define what is practical in terms of what you inputted in your reply.

What determines if your line is practical is when you >load< the inside rear.  Specifically load it too soon and you’ll grind off speed and never catch the karts ahead.

I’ll assume I’m correct so far or at least we have an understanding.

So that turn you make to shorten the distance, also has to be rounded out enough so it will keep the inside rear unloaded until your able to exit on your intended straight line.  The only thing that’s going to allow you to efficiently cut the distance and catch them, now becomes how sharp you made your actual initial turn in.

The only way you can control the shape, is with fine driver control to smoooooth the steering wheel during the quick motion of the initial turn in.

Well, I went and put my heart and head out there again.  I hope it allowed me to pull it out of my butt some.  But heck maybe just the opposite happened, because I don’t know what’s on others minds, only my own.




ps… again I hope my reply is seen as only addressing physical things which I see happen or can happen on the track and are not seen as arguing.



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