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Paul Kish

TJ:  I don’t think there’s much of a chance it will ever happen.  It won’t happen because nobody will let it happen and there will not likely be a grass roots effort strong enough for it to happen.  And to say what I just said, it has to also be possible.  Some things are just impossible huh? … :)




ps TJ:  If it’s not proper or you don’t like me addressing you as TJ, please say so and I’ll change my ways.  The PS is about your driving.  I watched just one ‘on kart’ video you posted and I was very impressed.  You caught karts not because your kart was faster, you caught them because others lines were not efficient and you drove a better line.  You were on high grip asphalt but I may as well been watching a skilled driver on slick dirt, it was cool.  I’ll not comment on your driving line and why I think it was great, I’ll comment on the line of those you were able to catch.  And from that I figure or hope you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  I think I was watching a TAG race video, where if you had a decent engine it would be no better or worse then anyone else.  I have another ‘Rule #1’.  The rule is the only reason to round out a turn is if it allows you to maintain momentum or you have enough available hp that you can gain an advantage accelerating over the increased distance.  The net of it is the karts I watched you catch were slow, because they ran a rounded line trying to be smooooooth which extended their distance traveled.  And they did not have the hp available to take advantage of the additional distance traveled.  I wasn’t going to comment on what you did but if you were on an oval it would sort of relate it to diamonding off a turn.  You effectively reduced the amount of time your spent turning and increased the amount of time spent going in a more straight direction.  What I also noticed is when doing it instead of killing a lot of speed diamonding off the turn, … :) your turn to do it was more of an … … you really don’t want me to say that word do you… :) …   an … ‘arc’ ?


Impressive and fun to watch the video.  Now if I can just get you to quit transferring so much hp and acceleration so often, to the kart ahead of you… :)

Hope what I wrote was fun to read and didn’t get you mad.  I think it’s totally wrong to race with the goal of having fun, but I think it’s ok to write and BS with the goal of having fun and to get or give an occasional smile.

Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate