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Paul Kish

“So it seems to me at least we would need to loosen the inside rear to turn the outside quicker.”


All my bull is ONLY suggesting a specific thing to look at about how the inside rear is ‘loosened’.

I’m suggesting altering ‘how’ some of the effort which is needed to loosen the inside rear might be changed or applied to unload the inside rear from a slightly different direction.

It doesn’t matter how you lift or unload the inside rear, you pretty much can’t lift the inside rear without “FIRST” being in the process of turning.

If your already turning when the inside rear is unloaded, which you are or you couldn’t unload it in the first place, there is already a twist put into the tire.  If you control how forces are loading the inside rear tire, you can also somewhat control how much twisting is needed before the tire starts to slip or you can think about it as starting to unload.  If you can reduce the amount of twist needed before the inside rear unloads as needed, then you can shift a little weight from the outside rear to the inside rear.

You’ll be able to then get through the corner with less combined slip angle and less precious momentum taken away, everyone needs to conserve.  And when hp is applied, it can be applied sooner because re-introducing the inside rear to the track will be delayed, because of how you altered the ability to twist the tire.

Nothing about this will be dramatic.  It’s just a slight thing which may save a fraction of a tenth somewhere around the track.  But as I like to say, “How much is a (fraction of a) tenth worth?”.

Without going back and finding it, someone commented on how in different classes it has been demonstrated that a more laid down configuration can be surprisingly competitive.  I’m adding in all classes they cannot only be competitive but superior if allowed to be pursued, because of what I’m trying to explain.  The powers to be have seen it and to keep the status quo and support their pocket books, over a normal racers normal dream and pursuit to go fast, rules are being put in place.


Don’t read below the line unless you are willing to do so with an open mind and the understanding I’m not knocking anything, just ranting about what I’d like to see.




I’m not knocking any kind of racing, but it saddens me there is no ‘open’ racing anymore with karts and  cars.

Hey those who are good will be good and win no matter what kind of speck, strictly controlled racing there doing.  Common now there’s nothing wrong with it but, yammaha can, pipe, tag, etc., it’s all just high dollar, you got to buy into my club racing, with very limited innovation.  I see no difference between yammi can racing, tag racing or briggs racing.  It’s all just speck racing with only limited difference and limited hp.  The only reason to limit what can be done with the seat is for control and profit.

The sprint kart powers to be who are hooked up with this manufacture or that manufacture and feed off of them, would all shake in there boots if a UAS type rules brand of open innovative kart racing hit the lefty  righty ranks.

Common now, wouldn’t you all like to take your tony karts, top karts or what ever is popular now and throw 50+ hp on them and weight them out so they can compete and beat super karts?  Not knowing much about super karts, I just assume there the fast stuff.

Wouldn’t ya like to sit on total rocket ships and race what your mind can dream about?  Yeah, there would still be limits, but only limits to the kind of weapon your sitting on and not about how much your willing to sit your butt on ‘fast’. … :)

Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate