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Paul Kish

No Gary I have no questions and pretty much understand what you said.  Thanks for the reply.



edit:  Gary I intentionally took the easy way out with my reply above and threw you alone too the wolves.


I’m not all that dumb on this internet stuff and didn’t want to just leave you out there by yourself.  So I’m adding this to say, I not only understand what you wrote, I think your 100% correct.

By the way you’ve accomplished more in karting then I could ever dream of and I feel humbled you even commented.

I do understand where your coming from when you explain how hard it is to compete with ‘horse jockeys’.  I’m not trying to be rude when I use the words ‘horse jockeys’, it’s just the way it is trying to compete with smaller folks in racing.

Just to add in something which I think relates to ‘grip’, the track record I so proudly elude to as a small accomplishment, was with an aluminum axle in briggs boxstock senior medium, which is also out side the box.

And when we shifted to UAS racing we still used an aluminum axle.  Yes we had other mechanical advantages which are now the norm today, because of what WE did, but ‘aluminum axle’?  It goes very hard against the grain of applying weight to the outside rear and unloading the inside rear.  Yes in the case of UAS, it’s LTO racing and stagger should be instantly thought of being able to make it possible.  But the truth of the matter is we did it with just a 1/4 inch of stagger and did it by “VERY FINE TUNING” the unloading of the inside rear.  So Gary and who else may want to listen, I do understand both worlds.









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