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Gary Lawson

Why the restrictions on laying a seat down?  I think it’s purely political and based on how it might change how ‘things have always been done’ and potentially hurt profits.  I don’t think it has anything at all to do with speed.


There is a lot of truth to this statement. Most issues came from racers/industry people complaining and not wanting to change or put effort into testing. Much easier to try to just get rid of people and change rules to exclude different things. Anyway, doesn’t matter at this point anymore.

To the topic of having a lower CG to lessen transfer and try to slip the inside instead of lifting it… although I appreciate and do attempt to try to understand a lot of the theory behind tuning/setup I will give you some of my feedback from my on track testing. The laydown seat is going to make less grip even if the inside rear may be engage longer throughout the corner. Spreading the load more evenly between the tires doesn’t make up for the lessened grip from the lack of load on the outside rear. The laydown seat is more advantageous when it is hot or you can use a soft tire. Cold weather and hard tires just doesn’t make enough grip. The rear lays too flat and it wants to push. Putting caster in to fix the push just causes the kart to oversteer from lack of wt transfer. Not being able to add seat stays to the seat also makes this issue more prevalent.

I believe the laydown style seat should be legal because it gives bigger drivers like me the opportunity to lower the center of gravity to similar to that of a smaller driver. I’m not looking for an advantage, just to be able to be equal. At a national track in the middle of the summer where the rubber lays down a bigger driver doesn’t have a chance against a smaller driver of equal talent. Me in my laydown seat would probably have a higher CG than 120 lb TJ with all his lead mounted low on the seat (not to pick on you TJ). As much of a pain as it is to lift his kart with all that lead (unless you have a great Kartlift), he can manipulate how the kart works by moving lead up and down on the seat. Sorry to go on a little tangent but it was along the same lines of the topic. Anyway, I have my newly designed seat that has gotten  plenty of complaints and scrutinizing already.  No one likes losing.

I’ll try to answer a few of your questions if you have them, Paul.