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Paul Kish

I’ve been doing this a few years now too. What brought sprint karts into my LTO thoughts was one Sunday I think three years ago not when there was not dirt racing and I went to Thompson sprint track, south east of the Cleveland area. There were quit a few gold plates there that day and all except one were standard looking sit up karts, Top Karts or what ever. There was also one LTO lay down looking kart I first thought was an oval kart. The young man had his seat laid back and his kart was just different from the rest. hummmm was all I said and couldn’t wait to see the kart out on the track. Well, he kicked butt. Then I instantly started thinking about how he had to be using his inside rear. Well it’s a few years later, the site I usually waist folks time on and have fun writing crashed, and I wandered back here.


I thought I had something to offer, so I gave it a shot.


I’ve talked about this relating it to a couple of sprint kart racer I’ve know for a lot of years, at two different occasions and probably two different years at Beaver Run. On both occasions we did come to understand each other about it. Though discussed in different terms, we did end up with a mind set about it. “It” is, what I’m trying to convey on here.


I think I’d better stop again.



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