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Paul Kish

Below I’m posting a post which is/was a works in progress.  I didn’t know how to end the reply and was going to add something later, but lazy me just said … post it… and I did. … :)


Thank you for the replies and understanding or at least trying to understand me.

I’m not trying to joust with anyone. I’m trying to give something new. If I just by chance happen to be correct with what I’m trying to convey, how often does something new come along? I hope my persistence doesn’t come to the pain in the butt stage. I’ve been doing this for some time now just as those spoken so highly about have been doing this for a long time. I truly do not feel my thoughts about what I’m trying to show or give are incorrect. It’s a matter of seeing, perceiving and recognizing another’s idea if the idea is going to spread. I see others trying, but I do not see others seeing what I’m proposing.

trying to move on without arguing or jousting with anyone

I do understand the reply below. I’m not arguing with it because it is 100% correct. It is not about what I’m suggesting. I guess what I’m trying to show is a hey if you do this and fit what your doing into these parameters, you might be able to go faster through a turn.

“The idea of “outside rear tight” where the outside rear doesn’t want to rotate because of load, doesn’t exist in sprint karting. If you have too much load on the outside tire, it slips and loses traction and sets the inside rear down.”

I guess one of my basic philosophies it to run your tires as efficiently as possible. With that in mind this particular idea is not about over taxing your tires. It’s not about something which would cause the outside rear to slip. Just the opposite, it’s about an idea where you can use your rear tires more efficiently. Efficiency to me, especially when you have limited hp, means you can apply more of your limited hp to go forward, because you use less to unstick a tire.

I think the higher you get up the who’s good tree and the higher level of racing tree, who beats who is most often decided by who can get through a turn skuffing off the least speed. The higher the level of racing gets and the closer the competitors get, the more important it to maintain momentum.

What I’m offering if you look back at it again is a possible way to negotiate a turn at a lower level of total grip. Do that and you can maintain a little more momentum and you can apply a little more hp. I not at all thinking about or considering a situation where you are going to exceed available grip. It’s a way of using less over all grip then what is available. If there is unlimited grip, who uses the least to do the same thing will go the quickest.

I’m not in suggesting the outside rear does not want to rotate. It’s going to rotate enough to release it continually from the track. Let me say the same thing except use twist instead of rotate. Since were turning the outside rear in a turn it’s also when in contact being twisted. So I’ll say instead, it’s going to twist enough to release it continually from the track. The amount of sticky is still going to be there. But what I’m proposing is the combined amount of twisting and what it takes to release from the track, will be less if you split the twist and release between two tires over just one. It’s all also a matter of the degree which you can do it. I’m not saying push both tires into the track and they will release easier, that’s not good. I’m suggesting lowering the seat in a high grip situation, to help free up the rear tires by directing some force more outward.

When you have unlimited grip there are only a few ways to over come it and prevent waisting hp. You alter the ability of the tires themselves to grip, you increase speed, you change how you aim weight at the tires and… I’m proposing you do something to limit the slip angle created at the outside rear tire, by using the inside rear a little more.  Lowering the cg is what is going to allow you to use it a little more.  How much is ‘some’? As much as you can without using too much. Keep in your picture when thinking about it, that your slowing down anyway or… inserting an ‘arc’ etc? … sorry :)

added:  Use the inside rear too much and you already know the result.  You’ll be a pig when trying to initiate acceleration.

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