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TJ Koyen

Paul wrote:
Does anyone think it may be possible for the fronts to turn the back tires with less effort, when the inside rear is partially engaged with the track, instead of having just the outside rear on the track? In other words is it easier for the fronts to turn the back of the kart when there’s one large slip angle engaged with the track, over two.

The penalty for dragging the inside rear through the corner FAR outweighs any potential advantage of slipping two tires rear tires rather than one.

There’s a reason every sprint kart is designed to lift the inside rear and there’s a reason the factory teams themselves follow the same tuning goal we all follow: get lift, get rotation. This is what works best.

You’re inventing a problem that doesn’t exist. The idea of “outside rear tight” where the outside rear doesn’t want to rotate because of load, doesn’t exist in sprint karting. If you have too much load on the outside tire, it slips and loses traction and sets the inside rear down.

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