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Tim Pappas

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Does anyone think it may be possible for the fronts to turn the back tires with less effort, when the inside rear is partially engaged with the track, instead of having just the outside rear on the track?

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<div class=”bbp-reply-signature”>brake, insert ‘arc’, turn, accelerate. … :)</div>
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<div class=”bbp-reply-signature”>No.  Current chassis’ will be faster on a sprint track if they pick up the inside rear tire.  If the inside rear is in contact with the track on entry to a tight 180 degree turn it will not be as fast.  That’s how current chassis are designed to work and there are times we raise the seat to make it happen.  That’s my real life experience on real life tracks.

There are exceptions.  A slick track and hard tires like TJ said is one and Road Racing is another.  On a full size road coarse the corners are so much  larger and the speeds are so fast that it is quicker to lay the seat down to the limit of the rules for sit up karts for aero and let the rear work more as I think you are describing.  Again, just my experience.

It seems to me that you are just making a long winded argument saying that it may be faster to slightly slide the rear to rotate it than picking up the inside tire.  You are posing the question to people who have experience and knowledge with chassis set up and when they debunk your theory based on real testing and racing, you argue.

It’s great that  you are passionate about karting and racing and want to discuss it, but verbally jousting with experienced guys like TJ and Greg who have proven their chassis knowledge doesn’t prove your point. So I guess I’m not sure what you are trying to prove other than arguing because unless you test your theories, they are just that.</div>
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