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Paul Kish

Thank you all for the replies. I am not suggesting a need to cause the inside rear to slide.

Someone brought into this how using the inside rear more will likely be balanced with creating a potential to over steer. I think I see the thought process to bring the two together. I can relate forcing the inside rear to do something in addition to what it would normally do, to needing more input from the fronts. And more input from the fronts would put them closer to not having sufficient grip and over steer to compensate. But I’m not suggesting to force the issue with anything. It is going to take a certain amount of effort to turn an outside rear which is loaded up heavily. I don’t think anyone will argue with me on that.

I’d better stop and ask a general question.

Does anyone think it may be possible for the fronts to turn the back tires with less effort, when the inside rear is partially engaged with the track, instead of having just the outside rear on the track? In other words is it easier for the fronts to turn the back of the kart when there’s one large slip angle engaged with the track, over two.

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