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Rob Kozakowski

I agree with TJ that in very limited situations, Paul’s theory might work.  With real hard tires that don’t provide any “side-bite”, making the rear rotate by sliding, rather than unloading the inside tire can work.

The trouble is that with the tires we run in 99% of the applications, and with the design of “Euro” sprint karts, we have to unload the inside rear to make a kart work as designed.

We could probably work around the design of karts by moving the weight bias so far forward and bumping tire pressures so high that the rear might slide again, rather than needing to unload the inside rear.  Trouble is by doing this, you’re creating all kinds of other handling problems that you’ll end up slower than setting the kart up the way it is designed to work.

While you want to ignore stagger, you can’t ignore its impact on LTO karts.  It’s like ignoring the tires and the kart design we use in sprint karts.  It’s all part of the complete package.