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Paul Kish

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Jimmy McNeil wrote:</div>
Paul, if your theory was accurate, when it rains, people would lower their seats for additional grip. It’s just the opposite. When it rains, people raise their seats for a higher center of gravity. This does two thing, on corner entry it transferes weight to the outside front, lifting the inside rear allowing the chassis to rotate. It also transferes weight to the outside tires through the corner for additional grip/speed. Hope I’m explaining this ok. When your over stuck, lower the seat to take out grip

:)  I agree with everything you said except: the if your theory was accurate part. … :)

What works when and what you do when, depends on available grip, available hp and I usually will say the need to maintain momentum.  But with the rain scenario I’ll change the last to “the need to deal with momentum and the ability to brake”.

I’m assuming there is enough grip to handle either a sit up kart or a seat laid back seat kart.   I’m seeing the sit up kart in the corner with the inside rear off the track and all rear load on the outside rear.  And the alternative I’m seeing is the laid back seat kart with the inside rear not completely off the track and all of the rear load not completely on the outside rear, with some load on the slipping inside rear.

I’m tired and I’ll read this in the morning.  I may see my folly in it or I may say brilliant explanation… nawww that won’t happen

Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate