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Chris Reinhardt

I hear over there, they put whole tomatoes in the gearbox, after the race, they drain it and make a nice sauce with it :)……


Tom Barth wrote “The other side of the pond is where all the ‘secrets’ are.”

Hold the phone, you said there weren’t any secrets?  I quote: “all you need is to bring it up to homologation spec”.  I believe you also said they all run the same……

Why would they put a fill and a drain plug on a transmission that doesn’t require oil?  Why would they ship them with ATF inside, and why would you specify that they require ATF?  I guess maybe if there were a factory service manual, all this wouldn’t be such a mystery…..  Or as Robert wrote “Manuel”, that’s the guy back in Italy that has all this information….

OK, let it rip Tom, I have my boots on……



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