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Chris Reinhardt

Robert, I agree with you, if Kenny said it, I would believe it, for a couple of reasons.  For starters the man had some gray matter, and most importantly, the information would have been FIRST HAND.  Ever seen a gear that came out of a gearbox with no oil in it?  It’s not pretty….

Considering the person that posted it, lashed out to somebody else about posting hearsay, then did exactly the same thing, doesn’t really bode well…

As far as information in a manual, if you are a decent engine builder, that’s a really good place to start with regards to how far to want to set your tolerances.  Some of the best engine builders I’ve ever met, were machinists.  They measure everything, and know what to do with + or – tolerances.  There’s nothing stopping a person from measuring everything in a motor and coming up with your own set of tolerances,  if you don’t mind breaking some eggs to make an omelet….  and Italian eggs aren’t cheap…….

All this food talk is making me hungry, and it’s lunch time!!!!


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