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Robert Lawson


Don’t know about you but nothing drivers/tuners do surprises me.


The lite weight oil and ATF for that matter are used (in most cases) because of their lower viscosity……it’s simply easier to turn a gearbox in thin lube. Belray gearsaver is as close to ATF as anything can be spec wise. That’s what I started on back in the day and is the sole reason I went to ATF. Let me be clear here, I was using Mobil 1 synthetic ATF. If you look into it this product is NOT available wherever Mobil 1 products are sold. Very few AP stores that carry Mobil 1 products will carry the synthetic ATF. NO Mobil fuel stations will have it, hell….they don’t even know what your talking about!!!!

These minor changes from OEM or “Manuel suggestions” are what Tuners call “Free HP”. Understanding this you will find many more “free HP” tricks on your chassis than in your engine, no matter the classification or brand.

The “No Lube” GB trick is not so unbelievable to me. A true test of patients if it’s not on a cassette gear case that has bearings that are quickly accessible. The now immortal King of Hocus-Pocus, Zito Maximus (aka Kenny D), has shared many of his chassis tricks of “free HP” with me over the years. Most at first sounded ridiculous, even stupid! The most outstanding in my memory was to remove one dust/dirt shield on all chassis bearings, remove all shipping grease (heavy weight lube) with a propellant cleaner of your choice (carb/brake cleaner) and replacing that lube with……well, I can’t tell you! It’s a concoction of Teflon (kinda, but not exactly) and a super fine (can’t express “super” enough here!) high speed lubricant that will not break down.

My results were as he promised, eye opening. The stop watch tells the story and just pushing the kart afterwards was noticeably easier.

Would this type of thing work in gear case bearings? He isn’t here to convince me so I can’t answer that but it isn’t inconceivable. I would guess, if the “tuner” in question above didn’t label the fill plug with a tag reading “NO OIL” maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t. Maybe it was shipped and purposely had no oil in it…..we don’t know that either.

Kenny never produced a “Manual” as far as I know. But, I never considered what he had to say as Hearsay simply because it wasn’t in print or from a “Manufacture”.

All an OEM Manuel will tell you is what they recommend for “safe operation”. Meaning, in not so many words, your OEM engine is produced in a “safe” state of tune. My RS was not manufactured by Honda Motor Corp., it is produced by HRC. A completely different entity, it’s why you can’t use RS p#’s at your local bike shop. They don’t use the same language….so to speak.

A stock std RS, new like mine was, is a “privateer package”. MUCH safer tune than the Factory set-ups. They do this for a reason, not to slow private riders or to hog all the good stuff for the Factory supported teams but to keep privateer teams in business. Simply put, they can’t afford the maintenance schedule of Factory bits. Everyone should automatically know that you will lose reliability as you climb the ladder of mods or kits from stock std. Without those private teams the Factory teams couldn’t exist.

Opinion directly related to testing results my friends is not hearsay. It’s fact. What makes it difficult to implement is simply whether you believe the source or not.

There are so very few of us guys left in Karting now. Guys that are not bound by a book or a shops “Gospel”. Guys that will plow that path on their own, build it themselves. Test it, change it, test it again, toss it to the scrap, redesign it, and test it again, and again, and again.

These are the true karting pioneers. Kenny was just one of them. Tom, god bless his aging a$$, has done more of this than any of you combined.

I have only been at this for 30 years after Pops turned me loose to do it myself. I love development and sourcing, and testing, it keeps me thinking outside the box (Manuel)!!!!!!!

I know, I know, it will take a week to digest this post!

Dessert anyone????? :)