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Chris Beebe

I want to thank everyone for their replies! Its all good info to think about. Seems like if I asked A question about who liked round waffles vers. square waffles we would still have an internet argument! I like round waffles BTW! Its all good and makes for some good reads! Personally I have a mechanical background and know enough about two strokes to not need to worry! It would be easier if there was a manual out there for this but I always like to know what everyone else is doing! I am new to karts but not to motorsports so its nice to have these places to ask questions and learn a little about a new subject! I will say however that my plan it to change the oil based on drive time. Racing or practice, its all the same in my book because I drive the same. So probably about every couple of trips to the track. I will even say that even though some of the info may not apply earlier, I learned some new things about different kart motors! Its all good!