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Bob Baldwin

I am beginning to think that Howie and Tom are both correct . I was thinking that the ICC’s were started as a West Coast Thing and expanded Eastward after a few years . Tom the name TM Racing does ring a bell . Don’t recall when “Wally” picked up the Pavesi line . Also can’t remember if I read about them in Rob’s SKI publication or KartSport Magizine Also forgot who published that also.

Seems as though Open Moto and ICC’s were priced close to each other then the Opens began a decline and the SPEC honda crept in .

Not sure of the popularity of the “Other Brands ” of ICC motors just seem like on the forums the last 5-6 years anytime the topic is brought up the discussion always relates to either Pavesi or TM and with Wally gone is there any one ele importing the Pavesi line ?

Howie beside the 2 brands I mentioned what else are you seeing ICC wise on your side of the country ?

Tom : I am curious If you don’t mind my asking How many other brands are you seeing or servicing at your shop ?