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Thomas Barth



TM offers a package that includes:

tuned cylinder

SKF roller bearings  (or)

hybrid ceramic ball bearings

22mm crankshaft

polished 30mm carburetor

carbon fiber silencer 

special connecting rod for 20mm crank

I’m sure the other makes off similar packages.


Tim, not so much a load of crap. It pretty much happens that way in every “spec” class. That’s why so many good ideas for “equalizer” classes, (Yamaha, moto, ICC, stock moto, TaG) soon turn out to be the most expensive class to run. It’s simply the natural progression.

Amen Brian!

Again, the beauty of KZ is you get what you pay for. If you want to go faster pay more money


Also note that KZ internationally (outside North America) use super soft tires in championship races. A KZ race on the international scene is an awesome race to watch.