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Bob Baldwin

Tim: Thanks for PARTIALLY clearing my MIND . The name Paul leary crept into it BUT I could NOT figure out WHY ?

I can’t imagine WHAT the COST would be TODAY comparing a “BUILT ” Moto engine against a “BUILT ” ICC Motor ?

Also was this at the PEAK of the Karting World when Darren Elliot “CRG” and Alex Baron “Tony Kart” were at the TOP of their Game ? Seems like Scott Speed was in there with them ,but as my FEEBLE mind recalls he was CHANGING karting brands every few months .? I’m sure I am leaving out many names during that era .

I was also wondering if you compared USA $$$ against Euro $$$ if the guys across the pond are paying the same type of $$$’s that the USA karters are willing to pay ?

I am NOT knocking any of the “PRO ” builders their products SPEAK for themselves . But during this 3-4 year period I also recall hearing for the first time of CERTAIN builders offering “LEASED ” motors for CERTAIN events . Of course that depended on what kind of “DEAL ” they were on .