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Greg Wright

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Derek Lodato wrote:</div>
Thanks Greg…But we are looking for more serious answers here in order to help improve the sport. Also for awareness of beginner/novice drivers… your feedback could help a new driver/experienced driver drive as fast as possible while maximizing their safety intelligence/awareness.


Evidently not the answer you were looking for I guess. I’m not about to apologize for my feeble attempt at humor on a thread that you seem to think will help new drivers etc. become better by telling them about the injuries they may receive.

  That ought to encourage the newbie. The fact is racing of any sort has a degree of danger that is intrinsic to the sport itself. Shifter kart racing is no different than other forms of kart racing when it come to injuries. Yep, rib injuries would be the most common.

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