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Chris Reinhardt

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Karting is very safe as is. Full leathers would be the only addition you could make that would help and we would actually be going back to standard of years ago. Problem is the sport is already so expensive that no average individual could afford to buy real leathers now days. The option is open to anyone at any time though. Heavy and hot leather is great in a crash but not drafting at Hallet in July. ;-) Other than what the driver has on this discussion is basically done due to the fact that all sprint kart chassis changes, safety mods and rules come from Europe and filter across. We got nothing to do with it. I agree with Greg on this one, shifter karting is pretty darn safe even in a wreck. Anyone here ever gone over the high side on a crotch rocket? To me that looks like a nightmare yet they keep gathering runners.

Cough, cough…..

But I agree, I came from bike racing, and when I think about going back, all my scares start to itch!!!!


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