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Troy V Smith

Yes, a good meaurement will usually give up a bent chassis, but depends on the bend and it’s severity. Try a measurement from forward axle face to king pin too. Best thing to do would be drop the thing on scales, but not always an option. You can check for a twist pretty easily with a good level. Get a base line level indication across the axle, and compare your results to a level across the top of the king pin bolts – should be the same – if not,….

Don’t forget the simple things too – check for flaked off paint, cracked welds and areas of touch-up paint. Look for signs of wear in odd places. Bent chassis can be straightened – just need the resources. You mention having a kart shop nearby – swing it over to them and let tham have a look for you – but build a relationship with them – don’t be the “something for nothing” guy.

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