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Joe Street

I have a GoPro, 2 Contour Roams and a Replay. I have run all of them at one time or another on my superkart. The one I most prefer is the Contour. The mounting system is a bit limited, but still works fine for me. I have placed them all over my kart and inside the body work as well, and the Contour has been great. I think the sound is a bit better with the GoPro, however, due to the other issues I have with the GoPro, I don’t use it any more. The Replay is a good camera as well, but picture quality for me is a bit less than the Contours. The 3 cameras are similar in most respects, however the shape and ease of use of the Contour makes it my first choice. At the start of a race, trying to fiddle with the turn on and start button with gloves on is a problem with the GoPro and Replay for me, but the Contour is a single slide switch which is quick and easy. The Contours seem to run a little less money as well. Everyone has their own ideas on the best camera, for me it’s currently the Contour. By the way, I have not had any issues with the Contours, they have worked fine for me.