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Jon Romenesko

Looks like it will be a GoPro then. So, Next questions, LOL… Tell me about the types of mounts you all use? I’ve seen them on tops of helmets, on the sides of helmets, attached to the kart in the front, on the rear looking past the drivers shoulder, and who knows where else. Also, what size SD card should I consider since according to GoPro they don’t come with any card. I was thinking a 32.


I feel like now may be a good time for me to self-promote, haha…




GoPros really are pretty great, and are almost the defacto industry standard these days.  Contour has gone out of business recently, so keep that in mind.


As far as SD cards go, I use a 32gb.  I don’t know if the new Hero3+ has this issue, but there was an issue with the Hero3s corrupting large (64gb) cards and people were losing all their footage.  Besides, 32gb is plenty for a weekend at the track, i’ve found.  Make sure to get a high quality one (class 10), otherwise you might run into vibration problems or poor captures.


Pick up some extra batteries too (the battery life isn’t the best on the Hero3), i’d highly recommend this:


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