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tony zambos

I probably shouldn’t respond to this thread, but what the heck.  We started out at a small track with a Briggs and a 357 chassis.  The extent of my racing knowledge was zero.  For almost any question I had at the track, I could get several different answers and some whacky reasons why. Even when I went to talk to John at John’s Kart Shop in Chicago, for what I thought would be a simple answer, John could give a twenty minute dissertation. I’d have to stop John because he had over saturated me with knowledge.

For those starting today, there is vast knowledge base waiting on the internet.  One of the best sources is this forum.  It’s still not going to be easy getting started.  You will have to learn your craft.  If you have a local kaft shop, use those people.  I started out making dozens of different length valves for the Briggs and a box full of cam shafts. Just concentrated on trying to make the motor go faster.  That was a mistake.  Going fast is paying attention to everything, the kart, the motor and the driver.

Russ, I’m not picking on you.  But if you are traveling 2-3 hours to a track, have a plan.  If there is only a couple of people that show up, that’s great.  You can try different chassis set ups.  Finding the set ups that are junk is almost as valuable as the ones that work great.  Try different gearing.  Try different lines.  Most importantly, make notes after every track sessions.

The rewards will not be instantaneous in this sport.  But with patience and had work, they will come.  Enjoy the racing and the friends at the track.


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