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Brian Wilson

Bill Schmidt wrote:
There is an entire turnkey wankel kart for sale on ebay.
I might be a little leary of that kart, he’s been trying to sell it for over 6 months now (at least I have seen it posted that long).  Don’t know anything about it, but being an ‘O8 chassis, the motor may be as well and they have done some updates to the motor since then. I have read differing opinions on porting the Aixro and boosting the hp, may be sacrificing the nice power curve and reliability of a stock motor. Not telling you to not explore it, just do your homework and ask alot of questions about it if you do. From what I understand with all vehicles, a ceramic pipe holds the heat in and I don’t think I would want to be holding any heat into a pipe that is having 1600 degree exhaust pumped into it.