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Walt Gifford

You don’t have to reverse bleed the brakes. Ven05 is the easiest brake system to bleed I’ve ever seen. Just make the bleed screw the highest point in the system and don’t let the MC reservoir empty out and suck air when you lift off the pedal. Fill it as you lift if you have to, lift off the pedal slowly, your MC seals are working in reverse you don’t want them leaking air, give the fluid time to get past the little holes. When you open the bleed screw and press the pedal, close the bleed screw before you run out of pedal travel. Use dot4 fluid. If you use the wrong fluid it will work at first then the seals will soften and cause problems. Did you remember the Oring between the caliper halves? That would explain why one side is moving more than the other.

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