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Steve Libretto

I do have the flat tops on the masters. If I bleed them reverse…. Does the pedal need to be held in the fwd position, or just leave the masters alone? I’m guessing that ill have to empty remove some fluid from the master as I go also?

I don’t believe there are dumb questions…. It is to the best of my knowledge a Ven05 rotor. It is the wider if the 2 different widths that I’ve seen.

As I said….this is a new issue, these brakes were flawless till now. After rebuilding the caliper it doesn’t seem as bad but the one piston does still suck back in a bit. It’s most noticeable while bleeding… When I pump, then hold, and open the bleed screw, then close bleed screw and relapse the pedal the one piston sucks back in about 3/8″