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Steve Libretto

Thanks for the suggestion Chris, there was/is enough fluid, and the rotor seems to be centered. The problem is that with those brakes, there are no return springs on the pads, and the pistons should just release the pressure from the pads, and remain “out” by the pad, but what’s happening to here is that the outboard piston is retracting back into the caliper by 1/4 to 3/8″. The other side (inboard) regales properly but doesn’t retract back into the caliper. It’s really strange and I can’t figure it out. I may try to vacuum bleed them tonight, maybe I boiled the fluid and there’s trapped air in there, but I did bleed them out regularly last night with no success. I’ll keep the thread posted if I figure it out… If there are other thoughts or ideas, I’d be glad to try them!