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Dakota Dickerson

Dakota went into surgery at 7:00pm and got out at 11:00pm. The result is very optimistic. There is still a lot of unknown at this point but it was repaired with 6 pins and no plates or rods at this time. The pins will stay in for 6-8 weeks before potentially being removed. The big issue is that both growth plates were broken off on the radius and ulna along with a gamish of parts and pieces that they pushed back in place. We won’t know for 3-4 months if the growth plates will continue to survive or arrest. One day at at time and step by step. The orthopedic surgeon still estimated a 1 year recovery but we hope to shorten that with good positive attitude and a dedicate physical therapy plan. This was better than expected and we are going with a positive attitude. A lot of you called and texted during his surgery and that helped to pass the time, thanks again!
The Dickerson’s
Dakota’s email: rotaxracer80@yahoo.com if you want to reach him.