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Chris Wheeler

I would be telling you all a lie if I said I was shocked to see negative comments about the article…. It has become typical for people in karting who don’t compete almost every week at the national level to complain about almost anything related to karting.  All I hear is “this isn’t good media for karting” and all I see is people talking about it and not being about it. Stop complaining and start acting….


Onto the article now… For those of you who don’t agree with the print… Wake up. It is all pretty damn real. The speeds, the parents, and definitely the money.  When new people get into the sport one of the following things happens… 1. They get lied to about how serious it really is, which leads them feeling as if they are ok over there own heads and leaving to return to stick and ball sports that normal families can handle.

2. They get ripped off by someone who fills them with hopes and dreams only be be extremely let down (sound familiar America?) .

3. They fall in love with this great sport and gain great friends and enjoy it until they run out of money or the kids decide to do something else in life


Maybe it’s time to start seeing the facts of the sport and build off the good stuff and stop taking part in the bad.


As for the writer… He managed to make it as far as a test seat for McLaren F1 only to lose to his then teammate Lewis Hamilton.  Managed a couple wins at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (I think the only person to win on the oval and road course) so I think he knows the realities of the sport and the commitment it takes.





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