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Greg Wright

But nevertheless, it’s just another article on karting repeating a theme that EVERY outside media article, or PR release about kart racing seems to say over and over ad nauseum, and NO ONE, except maybe this site, seems interested in correcting: “Karting is a sport for kids”.

I have to agree whole heartedly with this statement. This is one of the biggest problems with karting in the current era at least in my opinion.

I’m not even convinced that this site is interested in correcting this misperception. More often than not the “Driver of the month” is a pre-adolescent or adolescent youngster with his eyes on the stars and head in the clouds.

The founding fathers of karting were certainly not kids nor did they intend for it to be a kids sport. As proof the first ever “Nationals” held in Azusa California had NO  junior classes, I would have to check but I think it was the 3rd running of the “Nationals” that finally offered a limited number of junior classes.

When I first got involved with kart racing it was very common for a Junior driver in concert with his or her parents LIED about their age so they could run Seniors which was where the action was. Now I find Junior drivers LIE about their age so they can continue to run Juniors. To me this points out a basic flaw in the management of our sport.

Before somebody jumps on my statements and says “Ol’ Greg doesn’t like Juniors” I want to correct them. I feel that the Junior classes are VERY important to serve as feeders to the Senior classes PERIOD. Not to be the stars of the sport, that is insulting to the Senior drivers who historically have been the mainstay of the sport.

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